Space Driller

Space Driller 1.1

Create your own mining empire - in Space


  • Six different game scenarios
  • Simple to pick up and play


  • Graphically weak


The year is 2010 and the colonization of Space is well underway, with everyone clamoring to grab natural resources.

Your mission in Space Driller is to tap into these markets, buying and selling mines, managing your workers, and taking on provisions and new equipment to make your business more productive. It makes for a surprisingly enjoyable strategy game, where you really need to use your gray matter in order to keep both your workers and your shareholders happy.

There are six different scenarios to choose from in Space Driller, with varying levels of difficulty. So, for instance, you might choose to start with one mine, seven enthusiastic workers and a set of optimistic shareholders; or go for a trickier mission such as the one where workers are walking out over conditions at the mine after only six months in the new mining colony.

Don't expect anything in the way of flashy visuals from Space Driller. It's basically all text-based, aside from a few pixelated pictures of spaceships and astronauts.

Once you get into the game though, you'll find it a challenging and curiously addictive strategy game.

Space Driller


Space Driller 1.1

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